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Yoga Teacher Training: Why Everyone Should Do One Before They Die


Have you ever wanted to be a teacher? Even in the deepest, darkest, most fantastical part of your being, cherished the idea of being the expert for once while other people inherently listen to and respect you?

While teaching may not be for everyone, a lot of the skills and judgements involved are transferable to almost every facet of a personal or professional portfolio. This holds true even if they are never utilized in the intended educational capacity. Couple this with a fascinating system of eastern medicine and mythology that is seldom discussed or properly acknowledged in the Western hemisphere, and the YTTC has all your answers.

The possibility of Travel: YTTCs are offered all over the world. Need a vacation? Imagine spending an entire month tucked away in a pristine location of your choosing, doing yoga of all things. How could you not walk away feeling rejuvenated?

Self Improvement: Bolster your knowledge of the glorious lifestyle of the yogi. Thinking of only the physical aspect is a famously limited “western” way of viewing yoga. In ancient India, and still propagated today, is yoga as an entire lifestyle. [outside of the west], philosophy and diet are just as important as the asana practices. Come back feeling renewed, intellectually stimulated, and well versed in an entirely new way of viewing the world.

Health: It goes without saying, when you are leaving to do yoga
for a month. However, nearly all ashrams also require a completely healthful non-toxic environment, free of all meat, alcohol, and drugs. Imagine the wonders an entire month of detox will do for your well being*

You don’t already have to be a yoga practitioner: Several schools may make you sweat by omitting any information on the the requirements for prospective students, yet require an entire summation or your experience in your application. However, be rest assured that beginners are typically accommodated.

Meeting amazing people It isn’t dictated as a requirement, but most people who plan to take a month out of their lives and move to a foreign country to study yoga often have something to say. Or at least they have courage. This is your chance to be one of them.

When it comes down to it, the disparity between the Indian Ruppee and more developed currencies make the case such that the appeal of foreign wallets being able to pad the otherwise modest income of a yoga school is too much of an incentive to discriminate based on skill and experience. Under this pretext, most businesses would not reasonably turn down a prospective student willing to front the inflated foreigner tuition, unless health restrictions apply, (in which the YTTC should not be under consideration in the first place.)

The curriculum doesn’t necessarily cater to western ideas, and it is perfectly likely, expected even, that some of the teachings can seem uncomfortable or controversial. However, it’s the idea of exposure, even if it doesn’t all resonate to a perfunctory nerve in your body. At least it makes for a good story.

*Ashrams vary on how rigidly they enforce these rules☼


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