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Soorya Namaskar: How to Achieve the Perfect Sun Salutation


Traditionally done 12 times a day in the direction of the sun, Soorya Namaskar is the beginning of any solid yoga routine. Benefits range from warming the body, and cleansing through breath control (very important!). It’s also the most aerobic part of many types of yoga, and one of the best known Asanas across different streams of yoga styles.

1. Exhale – Palms together in prayer position

2. Inhale – Hands reaching up, arch your back, head looking at your hands


3. Exhale – Fold forward at the hips, both hands flat in the floor. Try to bring your chest closer to your knees


4. Inhale – Bend your right leg behind, toes pointing behind you. Look up


5. Retain – Hold the breath, bring your left leg behind, into push up position.


6. Exhale – Lower your knees, chest, chin to the floor, keeping your hips off the ground.


7. Inhale – Raise your chest, arch your back into the Cobra position


8. Exhale – Raise your hips up into the inverted -V position


9. Inhale – Right leg forward, left leg bent behind, look up


10. Exhale – both legs forward, hands flat on the floor, head down


11. Inhale – Arch your back, looking up to your hands


12. Exhale – Hands falling to your sides. Prepare for the left side


New to yoga? It’s a good place to start☼


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