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Yoga Postures to Open the Chakras


Curious about the chakras? They might sound like some ill conceived mystical powers, but according to Ancient Indian philosophy, these seven energy plexus points of the human body – all representing a different trait or emotion, might just be on to something.

It all begins with the vital energy force known as the kundalini. This coiled power lies dormant, until it gets activated by use of the chakras. Upon releasing this energy, the kundalini moves upwards through the human body, activating each of the chakras on it’s way, until the seventh chakra, saharasrara, located at the crown of the head is engaged, thus making the process complete.

So how do you start this kundalini rising? through specific exercises and postures specifically designed to invigorate each chakra.

The most important of these is the crown chakra, associated with higher knowledge and thinking. And any asana that inverts the body is capable of opening this plexus.

For example Sirsasana, the Headstand, is one of the best for this purpose, and this explains why it is typically done immediately after the sun salutation.

Additional postures for the chakras include but certainly aren’t limited to, the shoulder stand, stimulating the Vishuddha, throat chakra (and namesake of this publication:) balancing postures opening the Muladhara “root” chakra, and any posture that opens the chest, such as the fish, and triangle pose, aids the Anahata “heart” chakra.

It might not be feasible to everyone, accepting the existence of these seemingly magical parts of us that bear Bo physical evidence, as they exist in the “astral realm,” but it’s a really interesting part of yogic philosophy, and offers an explanation for a lot of other aspects of the yogic life☼


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