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Public – Private Stakeholders for Chinese Retirement

By 2050, China’s elderly population is projected to reach over 450 million—over 33 percent of the total population. Reliance on the family network for elderly care is not sustainable in the long term, and my research explored alternative models of care.” ~Shannon Ding

I came across this really interesting piece at the research center where I currently work about retirement for the Chinese elderly. Shannon Ding, an MPA/ID alumna from HKS worked in Beijing to examine Public and Private sector partnerships in filling the sizable gap of appropriate funding for the steadily increasing retirement age population of mainland China.

Historic measures typically allocate the financial burden of parental support upon the children in the family. Though the ancient constructs put forward in a graceful and oh so subtle manner by the ancient Book of Songs emphasizes the importance of males over females for exactly this reason, times are changing. Men typically stayed with their parents, and sustained them in their old age, while women more often than not married into outside families and left home to care for her husband’s parents. This made sons more valuable in the long term, for they were seen as an investment and security for the future of the parents’ livelihood when they were too old to work. This fact of life contributed to sex selective abortions with the implementation of the one child policy.

However, as noted above, Ding sees this increased financial pressure on the family as unsustainable, providing the groundwork for her investigation into Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).☼

Click here for the full outline!

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