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To Be or Not to Be…A Sweat Pink Ambassador (!)

Since the inception of my virtual existence, I’ve always been aware of groups within social media sites. Aligning in stride with succinct interests and goals, I’ve found myself a member of something viral from time to time, my last brush with such being when I wrote for the Peace Corps Journals.SPambassador4-1

I recently received an invitation to become an “Ambassador” for a coalition of female bloggers who call themselves “Sweat Pink.”

I’m privy to an inside joke about needing a “Frenemy” to reach peak form in the context of physical exertion, the idea being that the friendly competition will motivate you to feats of fitness above and beyond what you would by yourself.

Well, LC Fit Approach certainly looks like the place to go to find your fitness.. Frenemy.

Filled with personal anecdotes about individual fitness stories and what different women on the site do for as their fitness regimens, I couldn’t help feel that the overall goal wasn’t entirely in sync with the types of things I see myself writing about. I take a lot of pride and interest in sharing my academic areas of focus online, and initially figured I don’t need to emulate a women’s fitness magazine to make an impact on the web.

However, upon a second look, I’ve decided to give it a shot. They emphasize individuality – while my love of yoga took me all the way to India last summer for my teacher training, other women impress by undertaking the “Disney Princess Half Marathon” through Disney World later this month. Just because something exists, and most or many utilize its platform in similar ways, doesn’t mean there is no alternative. LC Fit Approach really go out of their way to be a desirable organization with free perks such as instant networking and admin rights, and all sorts of clothing and goodies called “Pink Swag” :)

Here’s to adapting – and making #SweatPink my own. I haven’t quite figured out all the kinks, but I am genuinely looking forward to joining the LC Fit Approach as their newest Sweat Pink Ambassador! ..I’ll just tweak my entries for their blog to be targeted towards my interests such as international lifestyles and cultural approaches to health.

Here’s to a real coalition.☼


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  1. To be or not to be… A Sweat Pink Ambassador! | Fit Approach


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