Nothing worthwhile ever happens quickly and easily. You achieve only as you are determined to achieve … and you keep at it until you have achieved ☼ Robert H. Lauer

The Biggest Baddest Bucket List!

Hi everyone!

My friend Jean just made this great video about her home town Kuching, Malaysia! She’s trying to win the ‘Biggest Baddest Bucket-List’ Competition by showcasing Kuching and all its wonders! I met Jean last summer, when I couchsurfed through Borneo, and she was an absolutely amazing person who exercised all sorts of kindness and cultural knowledge. Kuching really is  cultural gem, as the cosmopolitan capital of Malaysian Borneo. It has everything from lush wildlife, food, and amazing culture.

Here’s your chance to help Jean win a huge cash prize, so VOTE NOW by clicking here!

Good luck Jean!☼


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