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“Up Too Late” – aka BCM’s 100th Birthday Gala

Dance troupe "Urbanity" takes over the new Balance Climb at the BCM 100th Anniversary Gala. Good things no kids in sight!

Dance troupe “Urbanity” takes over the new Balance Climb at the BCM 100th Anniversary Gala. Good things no kids in sight!

Imagine this premise: free run of all three floors of Boston’s sprawling Children’s Museum with no kids in sight!

Might I also mention it was restricted to ages 21+, with music blasting through the halls, complimentary cocktails came from bars nestled around every corner, as cater waiters offering Boston’s finest weaved in and out of the ball gown wearing, tuxedo adorned crowd?

BCM indeed celebrated its big 1-0-0 in style. There were surprise dance performances from Urbanity, the sexy dance troupe that overtook the New Balance Climb, and snazzy improv troupes which overtook the Kidstage.

But the extravaganza was more than just a party at heart. Raising over 1.1 million dollars for the noble cause of children’s education programs. While the climbing structures steal the attention from the rest of BCM’s offerings, other treasures are tucked away such as Japan House, hidden on the far left of the top floor. With educational components such as a historical tour through a simulated Japanese house, complete with artifacts on display, there is much more than fun and games to be had in this beautiful waterfront venue.

In what world did running amuck  through the child’s museum become a fashionable date? The tremendous success was reflected by the crowd. Even though I didn’t grow up here I can safely say there is so much value in promoting children’s education through innovative and interactive platforms such as those I got to experience last night at the BCM.

I’m just bummed it only comes around every hundred years.☼

The New Balance more Wholesome times

The New Balance Climb…in more Wholesome times


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