Nothing worthwhile ever happens quickly and easily. You achieve only as you are determined to achieve … and you keep at it until you have achieved ☼ Robert H. Lauer

Mission Statement☼

In Eastern philosophy, the Vishuddha is the chakra energy plexus in the human body that corresponds with the throat, bestowing the power of speech.

Late one sweltering summer evening in Trivandrum, India, a throw away idea led to the creation of a new website. Blogging for Global Health, travel, policy innovation, and a plethora of other interest pieces, that night marked the advent of The Vishuddha Journal.

The Vishuddha Journal is an independent blog that reflects a genuine interest in international travel and world interest stories on the part of it’s editorial staff. As a non-profit publication, it is in no way associated with, restricted by, or otherwise inhibited by outside organizations and influences☼

Founded: August, 2012


6 Responses »

  1. I wanted to make the little observation to help give many thanks yet again over the pleasant tips you’ve documented on this website.

  2. A wonderful mission statement!
    Thank you for visiting my blogs, and for the follow…happily that led me here :)
    I’m looking forward to many happy returns!

  3. Should not there be something on global health too .. now that you are so much into it.. i guess ur insights will be useful with this regards too :)

  4. Thanks everyone! Still have much to learn, and will hopefully update to include Intn’l Health interests soon enough! Gotta live through it first :)

  5. I seacherd a bunch of sites and this was the best.


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