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Instant Coffee: Why China and Colombia Reject the Good Stuff

February 27, 2014

Instant coffee consumption is on the rise in China and Colombia – but not for the same reasons. A sound marketing strategy mandates that companies adapt to local tastes, à la McDonald’s bringing vegetarian choices to India. In terms of coffee, it appears Chinese patrons have been able to capitalize on this, while Colombians haven’t… Read More ›

Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe (2013)

Parklets: A Continuation of Coffee shop Culture

In 2012, the city of Boston started a new experiment with urban space by way of the parklet. The size of a mere few former parking spaces on the side of a road or near full sized parks, these phenomena include artistically designed seating arrangements to encourage conversation and friendly gatherings – without requiring its… Read More ›

“Up Too Late” – aka BCM’s 100th Birthday Gala

Imagine this premise: free run of all three floors of Boston’s sprawling Children’s Museum with no kids in sight! Might I also mention it was restricted to ages 21+, with music blasting through the halls, complimentary cocktails came from bars nestled around every corner, as cater waiters offering Boston’s finest weaved in and out of… Read More ›

El Bloqueo: The Swiss Cuban Cigar Trade

Grand Genève. The Capital of World Peace.  “The most boring city in all of Europe.” … and illicit hub for the Habanos cigar trade? The 1962 U.S. embargo on Cuban goods may have seen reinforcement in the 1996 Helms – Burton Act, but in many cases there’s no touching the Swiss and their sneaky ways. Apparently banking… Read More ›

Caves Ouvertes: Three Kisses on the Cheek and Vin!

“Enjoy Moderately, Love Passionately.” I kicked off my summer with the Geneva Interns Association to celebrate Caves Ouvertes (Open Cellars) Day in the form of wine tasting at several vineyards on the outskirts of the Geneva Canton. Unlike venues back home in the Santa Barbara wine tasting scene, the vineyards in Geneva followed an astute… Read More ›

The Biggest Baddest Bucket List!

Hi everyone! My friend Jean just made this great video about her home town Kuching, Malaysia! She’s trying to win the ‘Biggest Baddest Bucket-List’ Competition by showcasing Kuching and all its wonders! I met Jean last summer, when I couchsurfed through Borneo, and she was an absolutely amazing person who exercised all sorts of kindness… Read More ›

Beautiful Memory: Kuching, Malaysia

From the city of cats, comes greatness in all manner of beauty. Cosmopolitan capital of Borneo, home of the amazing Rainforest World Music Festival, and home of an earth-shattering sunset. Ladies and gents, I see you Malaysia.  

Cirque du Soleil goes Saltimbanco!

For someone slowly becoming enamored with living in an American metropolis, it was all too fitting that Saltimbanco should come to Massachusetts. The earliest traveling installment of Circ du Soleil, it counters the violence of modern times by reviving joy in the simple fact of life. Becoming something of an *unintentional* cirque connoisseur, (this was my… Read More ›

Sarawakian Culture

Lush with Rainforests and exotic wildlife, The state of Sarawak lies at the North-westernmost tip of Malaysian Borneo, third largest island in the world. Kuching, (formerly Sarawak City), is known as “Cat City”, being the Malay word for “Cat”. Streaked with feline monuments, and the famous Cat Museum, Kuching is the political and cosmopolitan capital… Read More ›

Making the Monsoon Wedding: Arranged Marriages in India

I met this really engaging Indian-American girl in the UK. I’ll call her Rishma. She was a career driven liberal feminist from California, who decided to study abroad for a year in France before her final year of University. The Indian American acquaintances I’d made up to that point had seemed pretty ‘normal’ to me… Read More ›