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Photo courtesy of the Boston Globe (2013)

Parklets: A Continuation of Coffee shop Culture

In 2012, the city of Boston started a new experiment with urban space by way of the parklet. The size of a mere few former parking spaces on the side of a road or near full sized parks, these phenomena include artistically designed seating arrangements to encourage conversation and friendly gatherings – without requiring its… Read More ›

“Up Too Late” – aka BCM’s 100th Birthday Gala

Imagine this premise: free run of all three floors of Boston’s sprawling Children’s Museum with no kids in sight! Might I also mention it was restricted to ages 21+, with music blasting through the halls, complimentary cocktails came from bars nestled around every corner, as cater waiters offering Boston’s finest weaved in and out of… Read More ›

The Hunger Banquet

The banquet sponsored by Oxfam America, which took place this past Fall (2012), mimics life; one’s status at the table comes down to the luck of the draw. This was my ticket: My name is Ngongo. I am a 30-year old Senegalese woman. I have been seeking a divorce from my husband, who beats me…. Read More ›

The Dark Side of Boston

In the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve, the city of Boston lit up seemingly of its own accord. It began sometime in early October; pumpkins suddenly appearing along sidewalks and in soups, while costume stores (fancy dress shops for all you Brits) set up shop amongst abandoned corner vacancies. While it wasn’t exactly on par… Read More ›