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Tag: Food Security

The Security Manifesto of Schiphol

I remember the first time I returned to my hometown after spending my first year abroad. My connecting flight was routed through Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, and the incredible security measures at LAX were so surprising I remember them every time I fly back to the US. Drug detecting dogs descended on the line of weary passengers…. Read More ›

M&E: A Digication

Monitoring and Evaluation. In this case, of International Health interventions. About two weeks ago, the head of our IH department cited M&E as having the largest demand for IH professionals, and thus isolated it as the single beacon of light for many of us going into the field of international development. A burgeoning sub field… Read More ›

The Hunger Banquet

The banquet sponsored by Oxfam America, which took place this past Fall (2012), mimics life; one’s status at the table comes down to the luck of the draw. This was my ticket: My name is Ngongo. I am a 30-year old Senegalese woman. I have been seeking a divorce from my husband, who beats me…. Read More ›