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Why this isn’t Contagion. VSV-EBOV: The Latest N&TD Curse

Think Malaria, TB, HIV/AIDS, and the latest: Ebola. Different from “Orphan” Diseases (in which the affliction occurs in developed countries, but has an extremely low prevalence), neglected and tropical diseases are mainly characteristic of underdeveloped regions. Both classifications present a conundrum to pharmaceutical companies. Conditions with very small populations, and conditions that may in fact… Read More ›

Deanna Troi: The Precepts of International Health

Issues surrounding scarcity will forever plague international health programs.  The bottom line is in donor funded programs there is never enough to go around, and when the stakes are as high as they are in the development arena, this is life and death. Very much like Deanna Troi’s mission on the bridge – the one… Read More ›

Just Launched! Priority Medicines Report!

Today marked an amazing milestone for a project I’ve been working on for the past six weeks: the launch of the 2013 Update of one of the biggest authorities in public health: The Priority Medicines for Europe and the World Report. Priority Medicines is a very well known piece of literature in the field of international health (I’ve even… Read More ›

M&E: A Digication

Monitoring and Evaluation. In this case, of International Health interventions. About two weeks ago, the head of our IH department cited M&E as having the largest demand for IH professionals, and thus isolated it as the single beacon of light for many of us going into the field of international development. A burgeoning sub field… Read More ›

The Pharmaceutical Symposium

The Hiebert Lounge is on the 14th floor of the main building of Boston University’s Medical Campus. Despite being there every single day of the week, I’ve only stepped into that room twice. And somehow, those two times have yielded excellent usage of my time. This past weekend, Boston University’s Center for Global Health and… Read More ›

Public Health Alert: To CLEAN or to GREEN?

Initiated through the One and Only Campaign by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the “One needle, One syringe, One time,” plan of action seems like a public health savior, amiright? This simple protocol could potentially eradicate the risk of acquiring new diseases through infected needles from previous users. Unsafe reuse of infected syringes… Read More ›

The Hunger Banquet

The banquet sponsored by Oxfam America, which took place this past Fall (2012), mimics life; one’s status at the table comes down to the luck of the draw. This was my ticket: My name is Ngongo. I am a 30-year old Senegalese woman. I have been seeking a divorce from my husband, who beats me…. Read More ›