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Capstone vs. Capstone

As my time at the Harvard Kennedy School comes to a close, I had the opportunity to attend a lunchtime panel where the impending HKS graduates shared their experiences on their capstone presentations. It wasn’t a full-scale synopsis, as the purpose of the panel appeared to be to thank the Ash Center for providing travel… Read More ›

World Wise Schools and the Third Goal (It’s a Small World After all!)

When recently perusing the archives for the IAG Awards at the Harvard Kennedy School, I couldn’t help but notice a series of programs from the 1998 submission pool which included entries that were all too familiar. Among the over 1,400 submissions for the year, were three Peace Corps programs I personally came to know and… Read More ›

Liters of Light

When the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon finish line last Monday, the entire city was flabbergasted. Friends, loved ones, and even professors checked in to make sure I was ok. All we knew was that a graduate student from BU was dead, but no one knew who. We were constantly reminded to stay… Read More ›

Laojiao Reinvigorated

(I took this photo during my Peace Corps service in rural China. It shows the aftermath of many grand celebrations during the Spring Festival in 2011) A recent Newsweek article by Rosemary Righter highlighted the Maoist policy from 1957, loosely interpreted as “reeducation through labor,” and canonized as a convenient way to get enemies –… Read More ›

How Green was my… Refrigerator!?

Did you know that refrigerants are responsible for one-third of a super market’s carbon footprint? In my research, I recently came across an interesting refrigerant reducing policy called the GreenChill Partnership. In further stakeholder analysis of Public Private Partnerships, The Environmental Protection Agency works with supermarkets to encourage refrigerant emissions with the long-term goal of… Read More ›

Public – Private Stakeholders for Chinese Retirement

“By 2050, China’s elderly population is projected to reach over 450 million—over 33 percent of the total population. Reliance on the family network for elderly care is not sustainable in the long term, and my research explored alternative models of care.” ~Shannon Ding I came across this really interesting piece at the research center where… Read More ›