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Why this isn’t Contagion. VSV-EBOV: The Latest N&TD Curse

Think Malaria, TB, HIV/AIDS, and the latest: Ebola. Different from “Orphan” Diseases (in which the affliction occurs in developed countries, but has an extremely low prevalence), neglected and tropical diseases are mainly characteristic of underdeveloped regions. Both classifications present a conundrum to pharmaceutical companies. Conditions with very small populations, and conditions that may in fact… Read More ›

Another Operation Kindred Spirit? Probably Not.

Are spies from China infiltrating our academic prowess here in the U.S.? Xia Yeliang, a former Economics Professor at Peking University, apparently thinks so. Of the increasing numbers of headlines dedicated to Chinese intelligence activities in the U.S., most have been exclusively related to Industrial Espionage. Ever since the Wen Ho Lee incident, dubbed Operation… Read More ›

Laojiao Reinvigorated

(I took this photo during my Peace Corps service in rural China. It shows the aftermath of many grand celebrations during the Spring Festival in 2011) A recent Newsweek article by Rosemary Righter highlighted the Maoist policy from 1957, loosely interpreted as “reeducation through labor,” and canonized as a convenient way to get enemies –… Read More ›

Filipino Immigration in Sabah, Malaysia (Part II)

I first expressed interest in the issue by writing about it back in August, shortly after spending time in the region. I noticed the common sight of Filipino women frequenting Malaysian bars, something I observed perpetuated stereotypes and ignited prejudice against immigrants from the nearby islands of the Philippines. Since then I’ve done significantly more research… Read More ›

Immigrants and Outlaws: Filipino Prostitution in Sabah

Smoky bars line the otherwise quiet walkways of Chinese and Muslim dominated Labuan island off the cost of the Eastern Malaysian state of Sabah. The ocean breeze inspires a second round of tigers, the negligeably priced beer of the region, as a large outdoor table of tourists staying at “Uncle Jack’s,” wait in anticipation for… Read More ›