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The Security Manifesto of Schiphol

I remember the first time I returned to my hometown after spending my first year abroad. My connecting flight was routed through Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, and the incredible security measures at LAX were so surprising I remember them every time I fly back to the US. Drug detecting dogs descended on the line of weary passengers…. Read More ›

Instant Coffee: Why China and Colombia Reject the Good Stuff

Instant coffee consumption is on the rise in China and Colombia – but not for the same reasons. A sound marketing strategy mandates that companies adapt to local tastes, à la McDonald’s bringing vegetarian choices to India. In terms of coffee, it appears Chinese patrons have been able to capitalize on this, while Colombians haven’t… Read More ›

Housing Scams: Beware!

Recently, when hunting for summer housing in Switzerland, the strangest thing happened. I don’t completely grasp the logistics of the operation, but I may have accidentally unearthed an institution! It started with an apartment, a perfect space to live the life I’ve always dreamed – only appropriate when about to undergo the opportunity of a… Read More ›

The Biggest Baddest Bucket List!

Hi everyone! My friend Jean just made this great video about her home town Kuching, Malaysia! She’s trying to win the ‘Biggest Baddest Bucket-List’ Competition by showcasing Kuching and all its wonders! I met Jean last summer, when I couchsurfed through Borneo, and she was an absolutely amazing person who exercised all sorts of kindness… Read More ›

Nostalgic Highlight: Yunnan Province, China

It was two years ago that I had the amazing experience of staying in beautiful Yunnan while doing a brief two week language study with some friends while in the Peace Corps. This is a picture of Dali, the village where imperial monuments and wayward art colonies align. I also remember the first taste of… Read More ›

Beautiful Memory: Kuching, Malaysia

From the city of cats, comes greatness in all manner of beauty. Cosmopolitan capital of Borneo, home of the amazing Rainforest World Music Festival, and home of an earth-shattering sunset. Ladies and gents, I see you Malaysia.  

Budget Airlines: Reviewed.

Do you like the idea of cheap airfare? While it may prove to be an impossible task to find a convenient conosseuier of all things avian, we do know a little something about flying. Mainly of the budget variety, and also mainly of the Asian variety, though there are certainly some exceptions in this list…. Read More ›