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The Security Manifesto of Schiphol

I remember the first time I returned to my hometown after spending my first year abroad. My connecting flight was routed through Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, and the incredible security measures at LAX were so surprising I remember them every time I fly back to the US. Drug detecting dogs descended on the line of weary passengers…. Read More ›

The Infallible: 5K Fun Run… SCAM!

With glowing hopes of participating in the majestic 5K FunRun, my friends and I awoke at the crack of dawn last Saturday, only to have our hopes dashed. After driving to a remote farm on the outskirts of Boston, we realized it was not to be. A truck containing two farmworkers pulled up, and regrettably… Read More ›

Visa Drama Visa!

I applied for a post one time as a consulate adjudicator in China (unsuccessfully). As a contract position with the Foreign Service, it came with free accommodation, double holidays (both Chinese and American) and a generous starting salary in US dollars. One thing I’ll never understand: If consulate life is so sweet, then why are… Read More ›

Housing Scams: Beware!

Recently, when hunting for summer housing in Switzerland, the strangest thing happened. I don’t completely grasp the logistics of the operation, but I may have accidentally unearthed an institution! It started with an apartment, a perfect space to live the life I’ve always dreamed – only appropriate when about to undergo the opportunity of a… Read More ›

The Biggest Baddest Bucket List!

Hi everyone! My friend Jean just made this great video about her home town Kuching, Malaysia! She’s trying to win the ‘Biggest Baddest Bucket-List’ Competition by showcasing Kuching and all its wonders! I met Jean last summer, when I couchsurfed through Borneo, and she was an absolutely amazing person who exercised all sorts of kindness… Read More ›

The Merican’ Conundrum: How to Defend Your Country Abroad

Anti American sentiment is a reality the planet over. From military expenditures, environmental concerns, racism from the right wing, the forthcoming power play against China for global domination, and as one of my Australian cohorts recently pointed out, TSA officers abusing their authority and only choosing to pat down “the hot ones” (heey that’s not… Read More ›