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Beheading the Zen Master: The Guide and the Communicator

With the semester coming to a close, I found myself in a unpremeditated predicament. I’ve been a yoga hobbyist for a few years, and finally got my certification as an instructor last August in India (without serious intent of teaching), but between work, school, and all my other daily commitments I’ve found myself without the time… Read More ›

Yoga Postures to Open the Chakras

Curious about the chakras? They might sound like some ill conceived mystical powers, but according to Ancient Indian philosophy, these seven energy plexus points of the human body – all representing a different trait or emotion, might just be on to something. It all begins with the vital energy force known as the kundalini. This… Read More ›

Soorya Namaskar: How to Achieve the Perfect Sun Salutation

Traditionally done 12 times a day in the direction of the sun, Soorya Namaskar is the beginning of any solid yoga routine. Benefits range from warming the body, and cleansing through breath control (very important!). It’s also the most aerobic part of many types of yoga, and one of the best known Asanas across different… Read More ›

Yoga Teacher Training: Why Everyone Should Do One Before They Die

Have you ever wanted to be a teacher? Even in the deepest, darkest, most fantastical part of your being, cherished the idea of being the expert for once while other people inherently listen to and respect you? While teaching may not be for everyone, a lot of the skills and judgements involved are transferable to… Read More ›