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Capstone vs. Capstone

As my time at the Harvard Kennedy School comes to a close, I had the opportunity to attend a lunchtime panel where the impending HKS graduates shared their experiences on their capstone presentations. It wasn’t a full-scale synopsis, as the purpose of the panel appeared to be to thank the Ash Center for providing travel… Read More ›

Tea Off: Lightning Economies China-India, Distain or Distrust?

The term for tea across India is Chai, bearing quite a resemblance to the Chinese Cha. Coincidence? Based on the rich history of the silk road, where centuries saw caravans transporting Chinese textiles, tea, and other luxury goods through the Indian Subcontinent; some degree of shared etymology isn’t out of the question. But do these… Read More ›

Making the Monsoon Wedding: Arranged Marriages in India

I met this really engaging Indian-American girl in the UK. I’ll call her Rishma. She was a career driven liberal feminist from California, who decided to study abroad for a year in France before her final year of University. The Indian American acquaintances I’d made up to that point had seemed pretty ‘normal’ to me… Read More ›